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Mammoth Bachelor Party

I tubed down the Owens River last weekend. For me, that’s one of the stranger ways to spend some time in the Eastern Sierra. Most of our party rented “nicer” two man tubes. All but two of them deflated as we floated. A few of them became completely flat and their occupants had to swim to the take out. I recommend going with basic tire tubes.

Be Safe.

Everything has been eclipsed by some really bad news. A very close friend has seriously injured himself while playing outdoors. I’m distraught. All of my thoughts are with him at the moment. I urge you to be safe out there. Some of the activities that we partake in truly are dangerous. Please, please, please be safe.

Buy Less

Jobless and wanting to travel, I’m stretching my pennies. Walking down Pearl Street tonight, the Boulder Patagonia store caught my eye. In big, in the window, they have a sign that says “Reduce”. Below it: “Buy less.”

This is a store, telling customers to buy less stuff. Buy only what you need. Buy it and wear it until it wears out.

Oh, Boulder….

This town is just so…. outdoorsy. So, neat… So, “perfect”…

It seems everyone wears Golite. Even the homeless. That’s not a joke. I’m sure that ultralight backpacking isn’t THAT popular. I rarely see ultralighters on the trail. It’s likely just that Golite has amazing sales locally.

At my first dinner, I was exposed to a conversation where so and so kid decided that he didn’t want to be a pro climber. “They’re all just so shallow. I think I’ll just finish my degree and get a good job.” Oh god.

I’ve overheard conversations about wilderness therapy. Twice.

The town is filled with Himalayan culture. And more on the fringe, I ate breakfast at Tajikistan’s gift to Boulder. Yes, Dushanbe donated a cafe.

I ride a bike a stranger loaned me on a bike path all the way to work. I was warned that the boss is a stickler for composting.

This isn’t Utah anymore…

Laughing Goat’s bagpipes are a little annoying though.