Near Julian

Just a quick note as Sleeping Beauty is outside watching my pack and I’m worried that he’ll fall asleap.

I camped on top of the Rodriguez Water Tank last night, a beautiful night filled with great converstation, with Haiku, Chance, and Morgan. The hike has been superb so far. My body has been feeling good even though I pushed myself a little with the 21 miles yesterday. BUT, I’ve got some serious blisters now and it’s taking some of the fun out of walking. I can’t wait for them to heel. I have blisters on both pinky toes, near my big toes and on my heel. OUCH! Don’t have much choice but to push on with them to Warner Springs and rest there. In a few minutes I’m going to hitch back to the trail and dry camp somewhere on the 20+ mile stretch to the next water.

Much Love,

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