Southern Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail

Just a quick entry.

I’m in Sisters with a bunch of my hiking friends. I’d been alone (well, nearly alone) for the past couple of weeks and then *bam*, see everyone in town. We’re all staying at one of their friend’s cabin. Great time for a beer.

The hiking has been awesome. I’ve been doing about 30 miles per day which isn’t very hard considering that the rumors about Oregon are true. It’s FLAT. Had a beautiful night stealth camped up on the Crater Lake rim. Greatly enjoyed passing about one lake per mile in the southern part of Three Sisters Wilderness and then the past two days in the northern section has been going past the amazing volcanic mountains. Plus, I’ve experienced some sweet generosity from strangers. Ok, only a little bit of it was “yogi-ing”.

We’re all having to skip the next fifty or so miles because of forest fires. Bummer, but it seems like there is at least one section closed to fires every year.. I’ll be done with Oregon on Friday! Boy is it flying by.

Time to get back to socializing. Need to keep those skills up 


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