Southern Washington on the Pacific Crest Trail

Hello from Seattle!
I’m in the city with Snail and Hot Sister, staying at Hottie’s wonderful mother’s house. Just heard Snail say that he has gained eight pounds since he arrived here yesterday. Personally, I’m down to a slight 130 pounds. I think that I started the trail at 142 and considering that I weighed 165lbs before I became a vegetarian, I can confirm that thru-hiking is an excellent weight loss plan.

The trail continues to be great. Washington is going well. The first few days out of Cascade Locks were a little brutal as I had a very heavy pack, the trail gained and lost a lot of elevation (with no views as rewards) and it was very hot and humid. Thankfully that transitioned into something better. I passed areas dotted with multitudes of lakes, ridges with catastrophic views of the area’s Stratovolcanoes (Adams and Rainier), and other great alpine scenery. Goat Rocks wilderness is cited by many to be a highlight of the hike. It surely did not disappoint. Goat Rocks rocks! It’s very, very beautiful. Walked down a sketchy knife edge ridge in a near white out, saw about 50 Mountain Goats, was shaken to the bone by some sketchy ice traverses,…

Since Portland I’ve also been hiking with some of my favorite people. Snail, Hot Sister, Pouch, Nemo, just to name a few. The hiking community has really made the hike. Love to all that I’ve met!

The end of the trail is on fire and therefore closed. Epic year for fires it has been. Off the top of my head I think that there are seven major forest fires that have either threatened or burned the trail this year. It’s a little frustrating that I won’t be able to walk to Canada on the PCT, won’t get to take a picture or sign the register at the end monument, but whatever. It’s about the journey, the finish line would be anti-climatic anyways I’m sure. Plus the alternate route sounds pretty nice. I’m hopefully headed back to Oregon to do the 57 miles around Mt. Jefferson that I skipped due to fire once I get to Canada anyways. Would like to go to ALDHA-W but I’m probably reaching to border on Sept. 29th and that would be too late.

I’m excited about this next section. Alpine Lakes Wilderness is supposedly beautiful. Lots of climbing but great rewards. Hopefully the weather holds and hopefully I don’t pull another stupid stunt like sleeping in a depression during a rain storm. Hah!


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