Temples = old rocks

The Khmer temples including and around Angkor Wat are so totally awesome.

I’ve seen enough to make my eyes bleed. I imagine that I’ve seen around 18 so far. Tomorrow will be a light day with only about five. And it’s not like I’m visiting trash. These things are really cool. This easily ranks towards the top or world archeological sites. It inspires me to visit the Mayan and Aztec Ruins.

What else? I’ve been riding a bike all around and now my butt hurts from the plastic seat. I’ve had more long, educational and stimulating conversations with locals than with tourists. Had three great ones today. Including one with a woman who was 27 and looked like she was 14. Strange. One with a police officer who works from six am to sunset, six days a week

Saw sunrise at Angkor Wat. It was fun to watch the hordes of tourists. And hilarious (before it got miserable) to watch the swarms and swarms at the “Tomb Raider temple”. There were Asian tour groups of 30 spaced ten seconds apart for a good 45 minutes. That’s a lot of people passing through a 15×20 foot room.

I’m coming in way under budget most days. And I’m not traveling nearly as cheaply as I could. I think that I could do this trip on ten bucks a day if everywhere is about as cheap as Cambodia.

Ate my first western food of the trip tonight. Besides breakfast, because I absolutely don’t feel like rice in the morning. The pasta was delicious. And I am indeed eating meat. It’s disgusting and unappealing.

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