I’m back in the capital, waiting my Vietnam visa and hanging out with my excellent host. While in Battambang I met and hung out with a fellow San Franciscan. Tried to rent a moto (was denied because it was too dangerous). And rented a bike and had a most excellent countryside exploration. I went out of town and took as many turns down tiny dirt roads as a felt like until I was good and away from everything. I stopped at the only soda stand, and scared little kids by my pressence and I walked in on a tiny scale rice threshing operation.

Last night, hanging out at Anja’s house, I cooked an enjoyable dinner and we hung out and relaxed. Today I visited the killing fields (skulls, bones, holes in the ground) and the russian market. Then I had dim sum, walked around, and drank some bubble tea. All in all a very relaxing day. I also ran in to a group of people that I met on the boat to Battambang three different times. That was a little strange.

I’m gearing up for a few days in the south and then crossing in to Vietnam where I think I’ll go to Phu Quoc Island.

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