Hoi An

I’m sitting between two deaf girls flirting through video chat with sign language to deaf guys on the other end. I’ve got to say that all the waiving is highly distracting (and funny). I keep thinking that the one on the left is going to log off because she waves so much.

Hoi An is interesting. It is known for two things. Old buildings and tailored clothes. While the old buildings are just buildings it is really nice to be in a place to is pleasing astheticly. The tailor shops are pretty amazing, though I’m not indulging. I’ve just never been in to clothes that much. You can get anything you want made in a day, including leather shoes. With some pretty cool styles and all very cheap.

I took my first ever packaged tour (besides going on ocean going boat trips) today. I visited My Som, which was the most important Cham ruins. It was pleasant, though most of the ruins were bombed to smitherenes by American planes. Being a part of a 50 person tour group was novel and fun, but reaffirmed exactly why it’s a bad way to travel. Then, in a town full of tourists I was the only one hanging with the locals watching boat racing on the river.

I took an overnight train to get here. It’s a great way to travel, although double the price of the bus. Vietnam’s trains are gross though. The employees all sit around drinking and smoking (under the no smoking signs) while it looks like the train has NEVER been cleaned. I did meet some great people to hang out with during the trip and had a lot of fun. And the infant in my compartment didn’t even cry all that much.

Keeping with the theme of traveling, I’m going to move again tomorrow. I like moving to new places and Hoi An doesn’t have much to keep someone anyways. So, off to Hue tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’m going to go by rail or bus. I’m also feeling like spending a maximum of two more months South East Asia so I will likely fly somewhere else in early April.

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