I got my mojo back.

Hot dang did it suck to be sick. Now that I’m better, I realize just
how hard it was to thruhike while sick. Then I went to a doctor. And
now I’m better. While I’m pretty damn emaciated, walking is easy.
That’s a good thing, because walking for twelve to thirteen hours a
day is a lot of walking.

I’m on to my third pair of shoes. The last ones pretty much rotted off
my feet. I also wore my my socks too long. They got dumped in their
own trash bag at the place I bought new ones.

Just finished Yellowstone. It was a lot nicer that expected. A
helicopter that was shuttling goods to a backcountry station was even
willing to bring us cold gatoraides on their next run. We had to walk
on before they got there though. Saw two moose in one day. They’re

Hiking into the Wind River Range. I’m carrying one less day of food
than everyone else. Hmmm….

I was behind the herd, because I took an extra day off. Thought that
I’d be hiking solo, but ran in to Stretch. So hiked with a new person
for four days. Good, fast, flat walking helped me recover. And now,
I’m in the same spot as eveyone else. I figure that there are 22 of us
heading southbound. We’ve met about twenty northbounders as well.

Loving my new camera. It takes great photos. I’d like to post some,
but there are ten people wanting to use the computer.

The weather has been great. Hasn’t rained much in a while. My new
shoes are too big, and mean that I’ll have a new round of blisters.

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