Tarptent Moment Initial Review

The Easton, blue, short stakes that tarptent provides are garbage.
I’ve broken about half of the ones that i’ve used and won’t rely on
them ever again. Personally, I suck it up and carry Y-Stakes. They’re
worth their weight. I also use rocks if needed. And I LNT to a high
level for sure.

I haven’t used the Moment yet. I’m bringing it tomorrow on my CDT
hike. Pushing on it’s weak points with my hands (a great test for
tents), it seems weak in the wind. i’ve tied extra cords on the
attachment points to avoid a collapse. I plan to carry six stakes for
it as well. I’m still concerned about it’s windproofness though.

And here I set out, in what I anticipate to be harsh weather.
Hopefully this tent works out!

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