Winter Conditions

DnA, myself, Tim, Nina, Yas, Rolling Thunder, Mike U., Lost are all
here in St. Mary’s. We went over Peigan Pass yesterday. We’re in a
multi-day weather event, rain constantly down low, and snow up high.
Had been hiking with Joker, but he turned around due to inadequate
gear. He’s planning on a 28mi day today to meet us at Red Eagle Lake.

As for the conditions. I’m very concerned about avalanches. I think
that by now there is at least a foot of new snow at high elevation,
and winddrifts in the multiple feet. It could easily lead to deadly
slab avalanches. Yet, we’ve got “summit fever” and are hiking on. I’m
worried but will see. Another TJer says he saw 12 avalanches yesterday
and the pack has only grown more unstable. In short, conditions are
probably pretty dangerous. I’m even thinking about road walking to
East Glacier.

Up over Peigan Pass, we hit fresh snow fairly close to the pass. High
winds. A scary descent across avalanche chutes. About a foot plus slab
of new snow easily slid on the old layer. Old snow started way early,
there’s lots of it.

Be safe out there, and consider waiting 3 or so days for the snow to
play itself out.

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