Oh, Boulder….

This town is just so…. outdoorsy. So, neat… So, “perfect”…

It seems everyone wears Golite. Even the homeless. That’s not a joke. I’m sure that ultralight backpacking isn’t THAT popular. I rarely see ultralighters on the trail. It’s likely just that Golite has amazing sales locally.

At my first dinner, I was exposed to a conversation where so and so kid decided that he didn’t want to be a pro climber. “They’re all just so shallow. I think I’ll just finish my degree and get a good job.” Oh god.

I’ve overheard conversations about wilderness therapy. Twice.

The town is filled with Himalayan culture. And more on the fringe, I ate breakfast at Tajikistan’s gift to Boulder. Yes, Dushanbe donated a cafe.

I ride a bike a stranger loaned me on a bike path all the way to work. I was warned that the boss is a stickler for composting.

This isn’t Utah anymore…

Laughing Goat’s bagpipes are a little annoying though.

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