Pack your hoodies, we’re going camping.

I brought ten “inner city” teens camping last week. It was a huge success.
My highlight was teaching a sweet toothed girl to make smores. It was her first time camping, her first time to the mountains and her first time at a campfire. All of the kids had 87 “firsts”. Jazz leaned over and shyly asked “Can you show me how to make a smore?” I explained the art of getting a gooey, golden marshmallow: roast over the coals, slowly, not too long. She did it perfectly four times in a row. I don’t think I’ve seen someone savor a smore quite like she did.

The van ride back was hilarious. The group improv’d and beat boxed nearly the entire way. They were impressively talented.
My uncle is leading a trip now for a similar organization. Their van was broken into before they got to the trailhead. Their satellite phone and some backpacking gear was stolen. What a nightmare.

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