Hiking and camping near Carson Pass

Car camping last weekend was wonderful.

Friday brought me to the pass for a staff hike. A definite perk of the job. We lunched at a lake. I especially enjoyed the company of the eight year old member of our group. She skinned her knee and I reminded her of the upside: future scab picking.

It was nice to connect with a few long distance PCTers and the volunteers who feed and cheer them on at the visitor center.

At three on Friday, I grabbed the last site in the campground. Unpacking led reading, and then to napping as I waited for friends to arrive.

We had a great time. Cooking on the fire, catching up, a ridge walk, a swim and more than a few good beers. One friend is a new father. He played the 911 recording from when his wife gave birth in a mall parking lot. Life’s amazing.

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