SUPing near Sacramento

Paddling the lower American River on a lazy Saturday.

Paddling the lower American River on a lazy Saturday.

I’ve been on the water a few times every week. Most of it has been hyper local; basically paddling between home and work. I like going under the bridges. Enjoying nature while people crawl along I-80 or I-5.  My recent trips further afield have seen me bringing the board to SF Bay and Lake Natoma.

I paddle and swim. Simply can’t resist jumping in and letting the board float free. The wildlife is nearby. Sea lions, otters, birds and salmon.

The river is mostly used by veteran fishermen and the homeless. It’s fun interacting with them.

Sadly, the season is basically over. Daylight savings has closed down the option of paddling after work (at least without lights.) Still, there’s an ever increasing number of places that I want to bring my board.


  1. Lauren Rains

    Have you seen the glowing lights you can attach to the bottom of your SUP. I can’t remember the name of the company but a google search would probably do it. Looks amazing!!! Makes me dream of late night SUP sessions under a full moon on a summer night. That’s happiness spelled out in a sentence for me 🙂

    • Jack Haskel

      Haven’t yet, but it’s definitely in the cards.

      I used too few words to say that my paddling has been on the river between my home and work. It’s a four mile stretch, hyper local, and a great paddle. I haven’t yet used my board for the commute though. And at this point, it’s too dark.

      Hope you’re well!

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