Snowshoeing to Euer Valley, Tahoe Donner

Ben, Brent and I went snowshoeing to Euer Valley yesterday. The conditions were pretty darn good considering it’s still early season in a drought year. A half a foot of snow had fallen the day before so we had plenty of heavy powder to tromp through.

MSR snowshoes

Tromping is how I think of snowshoeing. And that’s what we did for a couple of hours. Tromp, tromp, tromp, choosing our own adventure and breaking trail. Euer was recently purchased by Tahoe Donner and it was my first time in the area. Their cross country ski network is really growing and it seems excellent.

We went up a ridge, then dropped down to the creek in the valley before returning to the cabin for meatballs.

Beyond snowshoeing, it was a great two nights at a cabin in the mountains with college friends from all over, beer and games.

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