Colorado Trail

Running from Denver to Durango, the ~500 mile Colorado Trail was my main summer adventure in 2008. My girlfriend at the time and I spent a casual 40 days making miles to our eventual finish.

The first memories that come up include:

  •  Pouring rain that went straight through our under-performing lightweight tent.
  •  Almost being hit by a falling tree while asleep in said tent.
  •  My hiking partner mostly not enjoying herself. It made it hard for me to fully enjoy it too.
  •  The dead forests of the Rockies. It’s very sad.
  •  The stunning scenery, great towns and lovely walking.
  •  Someone organizing a rendezvous the next day to bring us coffee and maps at a remote dirt road.
  •  My friend unexpectedly picking us up at the terminus.

My Colorado Trail Slideshow

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