Half way point on the Pacific Crest Trail

Here I am clicking away at a computer in Old Station, CA. I’m resting up for a few more hours at a fabulous trail angel’s house. Again, everything one could need it provided for. Thru-hiking is the life!

Recently, I’ve hit quite a few mile stones. Hit my third month on the trail a few days ago. That was just after passing the half way point. I also finished the Sierra and entered the Casacades. All is good in hiking life. I’m doing about 25 miles a day and am still having fun. The miles are getting easier as we’re hitting long stretches without much elevation gain or loss. The heat wave that engulfed the state has come and gone. It’s now quite pleasant out which is a huge relief after the few blistering hot days we had about a week ago. It was far hotter than most of Southern California had been. Hopefully another thing that will make miles easier is a reduction in packweight. I’ve switched today to a frameless pack and a poncho/shelter combo. Pack weight is down to about ten pounds! Just got a email from my parents that I will indeed have new shoes in a few days. Another huge relief as the shoes that I’ve been wearing since only Tahoe City are too small. They were killing my feet until a friend gave me thinner socks.

In Sierra City, much of the “pack” grouped up again. Many of us met up to celebrate Nemo’s birthday. It was a great time seeing a large group of hikers together in the same spot. I left there though in front of most people and it’s stayed that way since. I’ve been seeing only a few other hikers at most per day and many of them I haven’t met yet. I’m at a point where I’m catching up to people who have always been in front of me and at the same time am being caught up to by people from behind who are pushing big miles. New people!

Other recent events include going in to Chester for the afternoon for a few martinis to celebrate the half way point. Got a great hitch out of town from a woman who brought Pepi and I to her house for showers.

Walked through Lassen Volcanic NP in what totaled a single day (split by a night).

Been seeing lots of Poison Oak rub against my legs and poles. Any time we’re low enough for it, it’s everywhere.

Did my first 30 mile day. It just envolves hiking more hours. Not really that hard compared with 25 mi. but I’m going to try not to do too many of them. At least not until Oregon where the hiking is rumored to be very easy.

Time to hit the trail!

Oh, and check out the other picture of Pepi and I grubbing on some trail magic sandwhiches at potatoe salad that was left beside the trail. mmmmm!


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