Dunsmuir – Pacific Crest Trail

I’m in town again, trying to get out of town. Pulled in to Dunsmuir with Pouch and Pepi this morning and will be leaving soonish.

We’re doing 25 miles a day, ready to boost up to a minimum of 26mpd so that we can say that we’re walking a marathon every day. Eat that you couch potatoes! Walking has been pretty easy lately. Few huge ups and downs as the trail is well graded. It’s also thankfully well shaded! While it had been cool, it starting to heat up and the combination of heat and mosquitos last night was not fun. Section O (an infamous section) wasn’t nearly as bad as people had said it would be. In fact, yesterday we got some sweet trail magic of juice, milk, pita, chocolate almonds, chips and other good grub. yay!

I’m enjoying carrying a light pack. It’s somewhere around 8 pounds base weight.

Views have been sparse lately and when they are there they’re covered in smoke. We could barely see Shasta from 20 miles away. The fires in the region are also throwing us a little screw. Word is that the Marble Mountains are closed and we won’t be able to hike between Etna and Seiad Valley. We’ll see.


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