Ok, I’m in Vietnam. And I’m pretty worn out. I woke up this morning after two days on Rabbit Island, a tiny, relaxing beach in Cambodia. Got on a boat, then a moto, then a different moto, then a bus and then a moto again, all to miss the boat to Phu Qouc. So I’m sitting in my first city in the country on a night where most everything is closed (due to the new year) and little exists for tourists anyways. Should be awesome. I hope to go see some dragon dancing, if it is happening and I can find it.

The bus ride was one of the loudest experiences I’ve ever had. Everything rattled. The windows were shaking so badly I thought they might break. Then the bus had two horns. One very loud and one insanely loud. And since it was a local bus, the driver not only honked to announce his presence (get the fuck out of the way!) but also to announce that he wanted to pick people up. So he honked about eight times every ten seconds, for two and a half hours. Then add SCREAMING teenage girls.

I’ve been hanging out with a group of europeans that I met back in battambang. Dinners have been enjoyable, but now I’ve left them all behind.

I’m in a new country and I know nothing. No idea what things should cost, what the exchange rate is,…

For some reason I can’t log in to gmail, so no email. I’ll be on the island for two to four days. I bet I’ll be able to check email, but I’m not sure. Haven’t activated my cellphone yet in vietnam, but I’ll tell everyone my number when I do.

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