Phu Quoc

Guess what happens when I don’t update every day? I end up with too many things to write about!


– While still on the mainland I was walking down the street and passed a guy who had his hands down his pants fondling his genitals. As I walked by, he reached out and rubbed his hand on my arm laughing. WHAT THE HECK. That seriously pissed me off and I was terribly close to punching him in the face.

– That night got better because I went to the carnival/talent show and I was the only white person out of about 4,000 people. It was hilarious. Kids were pushing me to go up on stage. I saw creepy preteen girls dancing in unison, bad pop singers, a martial arts demo and a comedy variety show. Vietnamese carnival food isn’t very good though.

– I was given a free sim card by a traveler I talked to for one minute.

– I rented a moto for three days. One day I rode it far out into the northern part of the island and got lost. I had lunch at a place on a beautiful deserted beach where they brought me in back and pointed at a chicken with it’s feathers still on and squid. I ate squid. Local people helped me get found again, but not without effort and some really cool side trips through dead end villages.

– I went on a snorkling boat trip which was good. Corral is dying all over the world and it’s hit Vietnam too.

– I slept in my tent on the grounds of a friendly hotel because everything is out of my price range or full due to tet.

– I hung out with various people for brief periods.

– I read a lot.

– While reading on a remote beach this afternoon I was invited to join a Vietnamese table that pulled up. I learned all about the traditional art of binge drinking and over eating. It was very fun. No one spoke any English. Whenever anyone wants to drink, everyone cheers’ and everyone drinks. I’m glad I eat meat now so I could partake in the squid and fish. Bbq’d at the table.

One thing that’s different about Vietnam is that people speak far less English than in Cambodia. In fact, most people that interact with tourists speak no english at all.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving the island and I may or may not make it to Saigon. It’ll probably take a night bus to do.

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