Ho Chi Minh City

I pulled in sleepily at 10pm last night. It was a super fast, comfortable and overpriced ride that was made enjoyable due to friendly companionship from an english law student next to me. We grabbed a taxi in to town and got deposited in to my first backpacker ghetto of the trip. Immediately I was greeted by a German couple that I hung out with back on Rabbit Island a week or so ago. The traveling circuit is a small world. They told me that rooms were scarce and expensive, not what I wanted to hear while half asleep. Lucked out though and got a room quickly and only a little over priced.

Today, I’ve done my usual thing of walking an excessive distance. Brought my laundry to be washed. Went to the War Remanents Museum, and gazed on the atrocities of the war and seen through the communist “winner’s” eyes. The first room was humorously titled the “Truths Room”. Then walked, walked and walked. Bought a new battery charger as my last one broke during a power surge. Visited a cool Chinese pagoda that was extremely busy and choked with incense. Sat by the river and talked with a weird guy. Ate Pho. Sat and watched the traffic. Visited the cool central post office. Thought about the rest of my stay in Vietnam. I want to go to Hoi An soon, which means skipping some of the southern things in the country that don’t inspire me. It’s going to be an 18 hour trip, but I’m finding the only easily accessible way to get there is through the travel agencies in the tourist ghetto.

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