Medical care in New Delhi

i went to a hospital in delhi today. government run, free, dirty but seemed good. i sat next to a doctor from the hospital last night on my plane ride. i think it is one of the best government run hospitals in the country. efficient too, i didn’t wait at all. could have gone to a more western hospital but i don’t think it was needed.

there was a slew of orthopedic doctors and they even answered my questions. 4-6 weeks recovery. i definitely broke the end off my clavicle. surgery is generally not advised and i’m not having it. they also cleaned off some medium sized abrasions on my back that i didn’t even know i had. can’t believe that the first doctor didn’t clean my wounds! and i’ve also been wrapped very tightly, pulling my arm up to my shoulder. it’s very uncomfortable. and it covers some newly raw wounds, so quite painful. i’m walking around at a snails pace like an invalid.

but the wrap and sling are supposed to help with resetting the bone. the doc told me to definitely not try pushing it back in to place. i got to see again the nasty purple lump where the bone was sticking up.

i’ve got a decent room in the tourist area and i’m going to try to go nowhere for a few days. bumps on the road hurt. so, lots of tv, internet, eating and reading! my neck is sore so tv position is perfect.

today is definitely the most pain that i’ve been in, but it’s doctor induced, so hopefully good. i really hope to make a full recovery as i don’t think that my shoulder mechanics are effected.

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