How my trip to Asia ended in injury.

So what has happened in the past few weeks? Well, the biggest one is that I ended my travels in Asia six months early and came back to the states. After I went to a good government hospital in Delhi, I was convinced by my brother to go somewhere better. So I went to the Apollo. The place routinely described as the “best but too expensive”. It was $14 to talk to a senior specialist. It was immediately clear that I needed shoulder surgery. Uhhhhhh….. oh no! My world!

I knew immediately that staying in India wasn’t a good option. I didn’t want surgery in that hospital. I didn’t want to be alone. I didn’t know what I’d do for months recovering. So I decided to come home. I was on a plane that night back to SF. $700 wasn’t a bad deal at all. Leaving the trip was a disappointment. And that’s what the situation brought.

Basically I like to carry a backpack. And I can’t. So as soon as possible I’m heading to the sierra with a fanny pack. Dayhiking here I come. My dad is up for helping me slackpack the Tahoe Rim Trail. That should be fun. In the mean time I hope to reconnect with as many people as possible!

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