Northern Colorado on the CDT

I’ve hit some more milestones. I’m done with Wyoming, and am now in
Colorado. I’ve also hiked more than half of the CDT.

Hiking with Lost still. Our styles match pretty well. We still make
the miles, but it doesn’t feel like a death march. That’s good. Camped
out near the highway last night. Pulled in at dusk after a 27.5 mile
day. Thought we were at the empty campground but realized this morning
that it was empty because we were at the picnic area. Ooops.

The last section was diverse partly because we skipped a potential
town stop. We could have stopped in Encampment, WY but just walked on.
While I had plenty of food, I did only have two packets of
undesireable oatmeal left over when I got in to town this morning.
Steamboat seems like your typical ski town. Very fancy, very
expensive, luxurious,… This library is amazing.

Out of Rawlins, fell prey to the pressure to Get To Mexico. Instead of
dirt road walking, we took the paved road shortcut. It cut off about
15 miles of trail. As far as I know, all of us southbounders did it.
It SUCKED. Something like 45 miles of walking the same, mostly paved
road. What a boring slog.

The highlight of the past section was the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness.
Camped up on the summit of the highpoint. Lone Ranger Peak. Beautiful
sunset, a full moon rising at the same time. Colorado is a mountainous

– It’s starting to be chilly. Fall is here. Wondering how much we
should be worried about rushing. Take the longer scenic route or rush
to get out before the snow?

– Got a beer on a road walk. Lady offered me water, and chuckled when
I asked for a beer instead.

– Staying at a trail angel’s house tonight. Stoked.

– Ready to be done with carrying heavy loads. Sections between towns
in Colorado are shorter. We’re also done with the 25-30 mile waterless
stretches until New Mexico.

– Got a hair cut and beard trim in Rawlins. Was sick of hair blowing
in my eyes and it was getting all knotted. Plus saw a real old school
barber shop and thought it’d be fun. It was.

– Hoping to eat 3-4 restaurant meals today.

All in all, having a superb time. Loving trail life.

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