The Great Divide Basin on the CDT

Lost and I blasted through the Red Desert and the Great Divide Basin.
Took a scenic alternate along the Sweetwater River instead of a
shorter, official CDT road walk. Nearly the rest of the segment was
road walking though. Surprisingly, road walking was very enjoyable.
These are old jeep tracks mostly. Roads that are either hardly ever
traveled, or lightly traveled. So it’s fast, easy, brainless walking
where we can walk side by side and talk if we so choose. The desert is
also home to tons of Pronghorn Antelope. Pretty cool.

Walked 25-28 miles between water sources. We have a 30 mile carry
coming out of town today. Soon we’ll be in Colorado with no water
problems, but perhaps increased lightning danger.

The main highlight of the last section was our 56 mile day into town.
We wanted to do a 50. Not sure why. It’s a challenge that some hikers
present themselves with. But since our maps and info isn’t very
accurate, we didn’t know how far away from town we were. After 1300
miles, I’ve got strong legs. It wasn’t all that hard. I did have about
2 hours of pain, right before lunch. We’d hiked 25 miles, starting
before 4am, had barely stopped and hadn’t eaten enough. The sun got to
me. Luckily after lunch at a solar spring I maintained my usual energy
until about midnight when I started to slow down. All in all, a great
day. Mostly felt beat up from lack of sleep as opposed to the hiking.

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