Purchasing ultralight backpacking fabrics

I put in an order last night for some raw materials. I’ve got stuff for a backpack, a fanny pack, a bike frame bag, a pack cover and a headnet coming my way. Pretty excited!


  1. Joel in AK

    They do have decent prices. I’m looking at making a Hexamid knockoff… only larger. Please report back on the quality/durability of the material. Also what materials are you using sylnylon? cuben fiber?

    • Jack

      Hey Joel,
      I’ll write a new post. Thanks for asking for more information. The little bit that I posted was pretty useless indeed 🙂

    • Jack

      I bought from rockywoods.com mainly because they had the fabric that I wanted to sew with and decent prices. There are a bunch of websites that sell MYOG materials, but all of them have “issues”. High prices, incomplete stock, etc.

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