Day whatever on the AT.


After a breakfast of eggs, ham and biscuits ($2.75 for the ingredients!) at Standing Bear, I headed off. From the start I shared the trail with pods of trail crew. There were quite a number of them, doing a great job maintaining this section of trail. One even gave me a perfectly ripe pear. I wolfed it moments before meeting Apple.

Apple, his real name, is a year round trail angel. A year round trail angel! That pretty much blows my mind. He hangs out at little used road crossings on the AT, Florida Trail, Colorado Trail, and CDT. Needless to say, he’s got our preferences for snacks and drinks down pat. I’m happy to finally meet this legend. What a life to live. To operate your life based entirely on being generous towards strangers. He’s been doing it for ten years.

I walked over Max Patch Bald. It’s a grassy topped “mountain”. Turkey Feather called it one of the best views of the trail. Sure, it’s a rare three sixty view. A quite nice one too. But it’s also just a mowed lawn at the top of a hill. I miss the CDT….

I’m camped with a trio of new guys. We had a blazing fire and fun conversation before a little drizzle drove me to my tarp.

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