American Marten on Mt. Whitney!

I spent fifteen minutes with two social American Martens on the summit of Mt. Whitney! We were the only ones up on the summit at a half an hour before sunset. It was one cool wildlife experience.

Staring contest with an American Marten playing in the boulders on the roof of the lower 48. Sierra Nevada, CA.


  1. LiteTrail

    We saw one of these at Mist Falls on Sat Sept 22, 2012 on our Rae Lakes Loop trip. Thought it was a ferret at first. Bouncing along the rocks on the opposite side of the Kings River.

    • Jack

      Cool animal huh? I’ve seen them a few times. Besides this encounter, my most memorable was in Montana. I spent about five minutes with four of them. They were just scrambling around a tree staring and screaming at me from five feet away.

      Thanks for reading my blog!

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