The Coast to Crest Trail(s)

Long distance trails seems to pop up on my radar every few months. This week I learned about the “Coast to Crest Trail” in Northern California and Southern Oregon. It will go from Redwood National Park to Crater Lake National Park, using the PCT from Seiad Valley north. From a quick glance at their website, it looks like the trail is mostly based off of the historic Kelsey Pack Trail and the PCT. It was started with an MOU in 1992 and then stalled out. It seems like it might still have some level of official support.

Someone should email them and find out if it has been thru-ed, and if not, whether it can legally be hiked at this point. I think it can be. Then go hike it. Who wants a “first”? [EDIT: see Coniferman’s comment below. He’s done it :)]

Take a look at the other “Coast to Crest” trails that I know of: the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail and the Coast to Crest Trail in San Diego county.


  1. Conifermann

    I’ve done it Jack. Right now there is a 10 mile section that is virtually un-hikeable as it follows patches of burns where the trail has disappeared under the heat from 2008 fires in the Siskiyou Wilderness. Between Bald Mountain and the Smith River the trail is ridden with large tan oaks and Douglas-fir crossing the trail. The Six Rivers NF has told me it is a priority to maintain it again (especially since they are calling it the Coast to Crest Trail!) but it has not happened the past two summers after they said it would. One day I will prioritize helping to get that section cleared but for now it requires some serious patience and navigation skills.

    Oh yeah – it is also part of the Bigfoot Trail – I’ve got it all written up, email me if you want the download information…

    • Jack Haskel

      Thanks Michael! I was thinking that you’d be the one to have done it. How’s the Bigfoot Trail doing this year? Know of any long distance hikers attempting it?

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