The Baker Trail

Just heard about a new long trail. Who’s going to be the first to thru-hike it?

The Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail is supposed to open in 2014 and will run 350 miles from South Sudan to Uganda.

They’ve got some work cut out for them. Land mines, former war zone, fleshing out their website (it currently copies content from another blog).

It’s not clear to me whether the intention is to build and maintain single track. The vision comes from Julian Fisher. He hopes that it will eventually be open to 4x4s. So it’ll be a road? Is it a road? Someone go find out.

Take a look down in my comments section, Julian Monroe Fisher was kind enough to chime in!


  1. Julian Monroe Fisher

    Hi Jack, thanks so much for mentioning The Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail! As a ‘not for profit project’, we enocurage ll help we can get! Indeed we proudly copied the text from Kraig’s Adventure Blog and credited the blog because he is a friend and an accomplished writer. The trail has also recently been highlighted by National Geographic: The trail aims to attract explorers, trekkers and adventurers to small communities in South Sudan and northern Uganda that have been ravaged following years of armed conflict. The trail is a work in progress that can be trekked by 4×4’s (along a network of roads), on a mountain bike or on foot self supported. With the abundance of land mines littering the landscape especially in South Sudan we are working with those in the know to insure safety first. Thanks again for your support of The Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail ( )! I hope to see you somewhere down the trail. Best regards always, Julian Monroe Fisher

    • Jack Haskel


      Thanks so much for chiming in! It’s quite an inspiring project. I’ve edited my original post to point people towards your helpful comment and to soften it’s edges.

      Is there a good map that we can see the trail on? Perhaps a .kml? I’d love to see it.



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