Mile 15.1


Well, here I am on the appalachian trail! Dawn, a most excellent individual, picked me up at that airport yesterday and ferried me to a nice lunch and the approach trail. So, with three hours of sleep, I started this long walk through the eastern forests.
In the snow, I set up in a shelter for an early bed time. Today, I breezed past the official beginning and kept making miles. Its cold. Its forest. There are tons of people. It seems like most people are very inexperienced. A few are desperate for ideas and planning on replacing all of their equipment as soon as they can. T
Thirty five people are at this shelter with more comming soon. I wonder how I’ll find a hiking partner. I’m wanting to do 22 miles a day and many are doing ten maximum.


  1. Ryan

    My experience on the AT is that once you get out of Georgia, the crowd spreads out a lot and you’ll find the people who are more interested in bigger miles. It’s those first few days after Springer that are the worst with crowds.

    Despite the crowd, that’s a nice picture of the Gooch! Good luck on the trail!

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