Appalachian Trail Stories

I don’t think that I’ll spend every night at a shelter but they sure do bring out the laughs.

Tonight, I learned that a fellow hiker is carrying fifteen books! They are mostly on buddhism. Talk about carrying burdens on the path to enlightenment.

Another questioned the lame ratio of “hang out time” to hiking time. “There really isn’t much hang out time.” He’d started his day at noon and walked until three! For reference, I typically walk eleven or more hours a day…

This last guy is carrying four flashlights.

I’ve also met two “vagrants”.

Expectations met.


  1. Nick Garrity

    Great meeting you and Greg at the campsite Saturday night. You’ve got an amazing amount of experience and I appreciate you sharing some of your knowledge with us. How good were the steaks???? I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your trip and will be checking your blog throughout your trip to see how it goes.

  2. Dirk

    Jack –

    So, sounds like the AT is a lot like hanging out at a bus station. Three hours of hiking a day. Good grief! He should finish sometimes next year.


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