Passing Franklin.


Freefall and I are still walking together, and it’s starting to feel like a thruhike. For starters, there aren’t many people around. The popular camps have had about five or six people in them. Today, we walked 24 miles, and saw only a few people on the trail. Freefall also has gear breaking down, a common problem on a long hike. He’s actually on the phone with Montrail about it right now. We talked about the scenery out here, how it’s not the reason we’re hiking. He’d like it to be spring, amd for the leaves to come out. I’m happy to still be able to see through the winter forests.

Tomorrow, we get to a resupply at NOC and are hoping for some live music and food.


  1. Tinkerbell

    What kind of gear is breaking down? From your experience, is certain things more prone to being a problem then others?

    • Jack

      His shoes broke. The tread just started delaminating in the first sixty miles. It’s very strange considering they are the widely loved original Hardrocks. Perhaps they had been exposed to high heat in a car or somewhere at some point.

      In my experience, beyond shoes, it’s packs that break. Freefall’s has seen so much use that the fabric on the back panel is desintigrating.

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