Passing Mountain Crossings

I walked nineteen miles today, largely motivated by my ultra hiking friend Greg. He’s out for the weekend to see me on my way, get me started off right with a steak and potato dinner, and to put some miles on his feet before he tries for a very fast through hike of the pct.

Steaks crushed, we’re camping on top of a “mountain” with 300 degree views of the lights below. As correctly called by friends, I am in the role of minor celebrity out here on this tiny stretch of trail due to my previous experience and knowledge. There are so many people out here thirsty for backpacking talk. I was called over to talk one hiker out of quitting in the first thirty miles. I’ve had to repeat four times my comparison of Henry Shires’ Tarptents. I like the socializing, and I can only handle so many hours of great and trail talk a day.

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