A hotel, at Fontana.

I’ve lucked out with the weather. It could be snowing. Instead, I’m sweating. I haven’t gotten wet on the trail since day one.

I’ve also lucked out in other ways. We arrived at a road junction to find an empty box of beer. As we sat there, wishing someone would stop, Freefall declared that the next pickup would give us some beer. Sure enough, it happened. We got five beers and some French chocolate. They also took our garbage off our hands. We’ve been picking up some of the trail side trash. That day we had a broken and abandoned tent. Today, we yanked what looked like a parachute out of a tree. It ended up being an inflatable advertisement from a car dealership sixty miles away. We cut it to pieces and carried it to town.

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  1. Brakeman & Grasshopper

    Wow, thanks for picking up the trash! That’s what we have been doing on our training hikes, but I can’t imagine doing it on a thru-hike. So far in the past month we have hauled over 60 pounds of trash (discarded tents, clothes, fuel canisters, camp shoes, and general trash) off the AT near us. We’d really like to report that we’ve been hiking for a month and have seen no trash to pick up, but sadly it is not true. Thanks again for your efforts!

    And yes, you have been lucky with the weather this year. Unbelievably warm and dry! 48% of our days had some sort of precip (rain, snow, sleet, hail) on our 2008 thru-hike. Count your blessings and enjoy it!!!

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