Pulling out of town.

I’m not sure what the appeal of a motel room is for me. I always think that it’ll be good, but then it’s not. When I’m on the trail, I really struggle to sleep well in a hotel bed. Last night was no excpetion. I go to town to rest, and and up restless. Smelly feet, a running toilet, snoring, the awkwardness of sharing a bed with some dude, people getting up to pee, coughing… It sucks.

There are a lot of people heading out from Fontana today. Squatch, PCT film maker, is heading sobo, the rest of us nobo. I’m looking forward to getting to know this herd for a while. If any ATers behind me are reading this.. Know that the general store is closed, and that the gas station has a very minimal but doable resupply. I’m glad I sent a box.

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