Great Smoky Mountain National Park


The Sunday closure of the post office at fontana clumped a big group of hikers together. There are about twenty of us here at this shelter tonight. I’m the only one camped outside. I can hear some epic snoring even from forty feet away.

They seem like a great group of people. Most have been walking together for the past few weeks. It’s interesting to hit a wave. They seem to know a lot of the people who are up ahead.

So far, Smoky National Park looks exactly like the rest of the trail. Spring is definitely emerging. Grass is poking up, Trilliums are blooming and trees and bushes have their first buds.


  1. Brakeman & Grasshopper

    To add to your collection of unique items carried by AT hikers, like the 15 books one guy was carrying….here’s another one….ran into a hiker a couple days ago who was carrying FOUR pounds of his dog’s ashes. His wife, who is his support team at home, has the other two pounds of ashes. When he finishes the hike, the dog’s ashes will all be reunited together back home. Now that is man who loves/loved his dog!

  2. Sarah

    What kind of shelter are you in? The green looks cuben, but there is too much height at your feet for it to be a Tarp Tent. Hmmmmmm.

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