The AT Highpoint?

Most of the day I hiked with the others. We stopped at the numerous shelters and had a fun day. I ate multiple small meals instead of a large one. I mostly got to know two teenage girls, one named Feisty, the other I dubbed Caustic. We will see if it sticks.

When they quit, I moved on to the next shelter. I passed the AT highpoint, Clingmans Dome. I walked up the aging and out off place circular lookout for what is indeed a pretty good view. The exhibits on top talk mostly of the sad effects air pollution has on the park. There are just a few lingering snow patches around. The registers tell of up to two feet of snow only eleven or twelve days ago.

I’m at the shelter with a few random hikers, one who felt compelled to discuss why thruhiking the AT is not a worthy endeavor. And there is one thruhiker, who could psychotic. He mumbled something about how he controls other’s lives.


  1. Emily Harper

    hey It’s Feisty saying Hi. Except I changed my name to Amish. Caustic was never a welcomed name for her instead she got the name Peach. I want to know why you named her Caustic. She did call people stupid all the time.

    • Jack

      Hey Amish! I walked with an amish on the PCT… except it wasn’t a trail name 🙂 How’d your hike go? Finish? When are you coming out to the PCT? Yep, I was around when she took Peach. Caustic came the first time we met, just seemed like a lighthearted joke at the time.

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